We are photographers, visual storytellers helping you impulsing your business through images.


Based in New York, originally from Caracas, Venezuela and Santiago, Dominican Republic, we are entrepreneurs,

husband and wife, always enjoying on encouraging and helping others on going forward toward their goals in life.


Here are specific details of our profile so you know us better:


20+ years dedicated on the innovation of photographic system in any field.

The greater photographic work, I, Roberto Cannizzo, have done was in Caracas, Venezuela, working on the

corporate and editorial fields, always making possible the right visual communication so the image could mostly

speak by itself. As a freelance photographer, I worked for the major magazines of the venezuelan society:


Revista Etiqueta.

Revista P&M.

Revista Horizontes de Avensa.

Revista Gastronómica Sibaritas.


As well as for the corporate agencies and companies:


Comstat-Rowland de Venezuela.

Pizzolante & Asociados.

Procter&Gamble, Venezuela.

Sun Microsystem, Venezuela.

Siemens-Nixdorf, Venezuela.

DHL, Venezuela.

Chrysler, Venezuela.


Portraying also, in the Venezuelan Palace of Miraflores, the former president of Venezuela, Dr. Rafael Caldera,

in his presidential office.


Besides, also portrayed venezuelan artists and entrepreneurs:


Dr. Virgilio Lovera.

Claudio Nazoa.

Ruben Monasterios.

Sofia Imber.

Marcel Granier.

Nelson Bocaranda.

Gledys Ibarra.

Cayito Aponte.


Once established in the United States, me and Andrea Cannizzo, my wife and partner, have done photographic works for



El Diario NY.

The Chief Leader.


Portraying also one of the theatrical producers in New York as well as international producers and artists::


Manny Kladitis.

Enrique Iglesias.

Olga Tañón.

Gilberto Santarosa.

Salma Hayek.

Barbara Bermudo.

Patricia Manterola.


Now, we have expanded our business into headshots and ecommerce, helping small businesses in their growth in the New York Market.

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